PJ Kaiowá


Professional active for 20 in the areas of comics storytelling, storyboard, illustration, and art direction with services provided to names such as Dark Horse Comics, Titan Comics, Legendary Comics, Warner, Capcom, Volkswagen Brazil, Nike, Devil’s Due Comics, and Image Films. PJ has written, produced and directed the short filmes “Maíra Poxy” and “Darkroom”, which were a renovating experience that allowed him to adapt all the dynamics of comics and their functionality to the cinematographic structure.

Main Credits:
Pacific Rim: Tales From Zero Years (Legendary Comics)– Carnívora (Creator-owned, Independent)– How to Pass as Human (Dark Horse Comics)– The Evil Dead Chronicles (Space Goat)– Pérola (Guará Entretenimento Brazil)– Assassin’s Creed: Origins (Titan Books UK)– Eu Sou Lume (Creator-owned, Guará Entretenimento Brazil)– Dirty Deal (Creator-owned, Independent)– Dreamer (Tag Comics)– Zoe MG (InterPop)

Selected art pieces for sale from the artist