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Ivan Reis


One of the greatest, most admired artists in contemporary comic book industry, Ivan Reis is active since the 90’s and he is recognized as a creative powerhouse. Ivan has been a DC Comics exclusive artist for almost 20 years, being the main artist in big events and on modern classics such as Green Lantern, Aquaman, Superman, Blackest Night, Brightest Day, and Justice League, to name just a few. Ivan has also worked on concept art for the Aquaman movie, collectible designs, style guides, and much more. Ivan is also a producer and concept artist for the recently-announced “Iemanjá” movie from Warner Bros Brazil. “The Heroic Age – The DC Comics art of Ivan Reis” (2017) was an exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil on his distinctive work for DC, visited by over 12,000 fans. 

Main Credits:
– Green Lantern (DC Comics)
– Blackest Night (DC Comics)
– Brightest Day (DC Comics)
– Aquaman (DC Comics)
– Justice League (DC Comics)
– Superman (DC Comics)
– Batman/Superman (DC Comics)
– The Multiversity (DC Comics)
– Detective Comics (DC Comics)

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